The colors do matter

Hi! In a previous post, I showed you a color palette which I’d like to use in my project. However, after long and exhausting negotiations with other people, I decided to change it. In this note, I will mention something about graphics and colors and I’ll do my best to write less about the technical stuff. So let’s start!

At the beginning, I corrected my colors and styles. It looks like this for some time. People from Materialize claims, that they are ‘indigo’ and ‘amber’ 😉

Methinks that it’s better than before. My second step was the choice of background. It wasn’t easy – I still have some doubts. Maybe I’ll change it later. But now, let’s see what we got.

My image has a nice motif – polish coins. It’s a right picture, no doubt. After a few minutes working with GIMP, lightening and changing the contrast I’ve got something like that.

Let’s connect it with our page. We just have to remove buttons – they were only exemplary.

During deep diving into the Internet, I found something (in my opinion) very useful. It’s a tool for creating styles and colors for websites. I encourage you to check it – it’s for everybody! Just look at this link.

Our site is responsive – it means that it’s correctly displaying on different resolutions. Let’s see how it works. As a first – medium resolutions like tablets.

Sweet 😉 Now, let’s look at small resolutions like smartphones.

Works perfectly for me. But there is a little problem. On the lower resolutions, our menu disappeared! We have to make a simple correction in our code. The menu will be showing from the left side of the page from now on.

That’s all for today. If you have any comments or tips – don’t be afraid to contact me 🙂

Also, you should take a look for It’s a new project – a game store with really attractive prices. You have to check it! 😉

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