Development of our app

Howdy! It’s been a long time since I’ve published something. I hope that you haven’t forgotten, how the whole project looks like and you’re still waiting for the development. Let’s see what I did in the last few days.First thing, which I’ve done was to hide unnecessarily buttons in a navbar. I used Javascript (jQuery) for this. This is how does it look like from the index page:

And the bar after login:

You have to admit, that it’s very useful modification. Why does the user need buttons to create an account?

Now, let’s look at the home page. There should be transactions, especially several last ones. Django gives us an opportunity to filtering and sorting our results. Let’s add few transactions to our database and then try to display last five.

Sweet! That’s the way we can look at our last shopping 😉 It’s insufficient indeed. We have to be able to look at all of our transactions. Don’t worry, we can handle it. Let’s create a new page, where we will have all transactions in a table. The ‘Datatables’ plugin might be very helpful here.

It gives us an opportunity to display everything, sorting, filtering. I’ve been working a while and this is the effect:

Looks great! Let’s see what we can do till now:

We’ve done a big part of our app. It’s great 😉 In the next post, we will be fighting with adding a category to a transaction and creating very simple statistics. If you have any questions, feel free to ask 🙂

My cosy workplace 😉

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